You are here: California / Vehicle Code - VEH / ARTICLE 5. Fenders, Ornaments, and Television [27600. - 27607.] / Section 27606.

Section 27606. (Added by Stats. 1986, Ch. 759, Sec. 1.)
Cite as: Cal. Veh. Code §27606.

(a)No person shall own or operate a motor vehicle which is equipped with a light bar, or facsimile thereof, to resemble a motor vehicle used by a peace officer or traffic officer while on duty within that jurisdiction for the primary purpose of enforcing Division 10 (commencing with Section 20000) or Division 11 (commencing with Section 21000) pursuant to Section 40800.

(b)For purposes of this section the following definitions apply:

(1)A “light bar” means any light or device affixed to or mounted upon the roof of a vehicle and extending the width of the roof, or a substantial portion thereof, which emits amber, red, or blue, or any combination of those lights.

(2)A “facsimile of a light bar” is any device designed or contrived to resemble a light bar regardless of the degree of light emission or lack thereof.

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