You are here: California / Health and Safety Code - HSC / ARTICLE 9. Rural Hospital Grant Program [129325. - 129335.] / Section 129335.

Section 129335. (Added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 415, Sec. 9.)
Cite as: Cal. Health & Safety Code §129335.

(a) In each odd-numbered year when the reserve balance in the fund is projected to be in excess of that actuarially needed, the office may, subject to authority in the Budget Act, grant excess reserve funds to rural hospitals.

(b) Whenever the office administers the grant program, it shall do so by a competitive process where potential grantees have sufficient time to apply. Priority for funds shall be given to alternative rural hospitals and rural hospitals that are sole community providers. Priority shall also be given to applicants that are otherwise financially viable, but request one-time financial assistance for equipment expenditures or other capital outlays. The maximum amount of any grant for a single project in any one grant year shall be two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000).

(c) For the purposes of this article, “rural hospital” shall have the same meaning as contained in subdivision (a) of Section 124840.

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