You are here: California / Harbors and Navigation Code - HNC / CHAPTER 2. Board of Pilot Commissioners [1150. - 1159.5.] / Section 1156.

Section 1156. (Amended by Stats. 2009, Ch. 576, Sec. 3.)
Cite as: Cal. Harb. & Nav. Code §1156.

(a)The board may appoint, fix the compensation of, and from time to time adjust the compensation of, an executive director who is exempt from the civil service laws, and other employees as may be necessary. The executive director may perform all duties, exercise all powers, discharge all responsibilities, and administer and enforce all laws, rules, and regulations under the jurisdiction of the board, with the approval of the board, including, but not limited to, all of the following:

(1)The administration of personnel employed by the board in accordance with the civil service laws.

(2)To serve as treasurer of the board and keep, maintain, and provide the board with all statements of accounts, records of receipts, and disbursements of the board in accordance with the law.

(3)The issuance and countersigning of licenses that shall also be signed by the president of the board.

(4)The administration of matters and the maintenance of files pertaining to action taken against licenses issued by the board.

(5)The administration of investigations of, and reporting on, a navigational incident or other matter for which a license issued by the board may be revoked or suspended.

(6)To work with board members, staff, and other interested stakeholders to recommend improvements in the pilot training program.

(7)Under the direction of the board, to coordinate with other state and federal agencies charged with protecting the environment and with the oil and hazardous chemical shipping industry.

(8)Any other function, task, or duty as may reasonably be assigned by the president of the board, including, but not limited to, performing research and obtaining documents and other evidence for board activities, including rate hearings.

(b)The Governor shall appoint one assistant director to serve at the pleasure of the Governor. The assistant director shall have the duties as assigned by the executive director, and shall be responsible to the executive director for the performance of his or her duties.

(c)The board may employ personnel necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter. All personnel shall be appointed pursuant to the State Civil Service Act (Part 1 (commencing with Section 18000) of Division 5 of Title 2 of the Government Code), except for the executive director and the assistant director, who shall be exempt from state civil service. The board may fix the compensation of, and from time to time adjust the compensation of, any employees as may be necessary.

(d)All personnel of the board shall be appointed, directed, and controlled by the board, the executive director, or the board’s authorized deputies or agents to whom it may delegate its powers.

(e)The board may contract and employ commission investigators. The board shall adopt regulations for the minimum standards for a commission investigator that shall include, but are not limited to, a basic knowledge of investigative techniques and maritime issues.

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