You are here: California / Harbors and Navigation Code - HNC / CHAPTER 2. Definition and Description [100. - 107.] / Section 104.

Section 104. (Amended by Stats. 1939, Ch. 613.)
Cite as: Cal. Harb. & Nav. Code §104.

The following streams and waters are also navigable and are public ways:

Napa River, between its mouth and a point sixty feet below the westerly line of Lawrence Street in the city of Napa; First Napa Creek, Second Napa Creek, and Third Napa Creek, in Sonoma County, between Napa and Sonoma rivers.

Neuces Creek, from its mouth at Suisun Bay to a point one-half mile above the warehouse of George P. Loucks.

Newport Bay, in the county of Orange, and all its arms, and the sloughs connecting with the bay in which the tide ebbs and flows, including “The Rialto” and “The Rivo Alto” as shown upon a map of Canal Section, Newport Beach, recorded in Book 4, page 98 of Miscellaneous Maps, records of Orange County, California.

Novato Creek, or estuary, in Marin County, from its mouth to Sweetzer’s Landing.

Noyo River, to a point three miles from its mouth.

Petaluma River, from its mouth to the southerly line of Washington Street, in the city of Petaluma.

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