You are here: California / Food and Agricultural Code - FAC / ARTICLE 22. Inspection and Abatement [59281. - 59293.] / Section 59287.

Section 59287. (Enacted by Stats. 1967, Ch. 15.)
Cite as: Cal. Food & Agric. Code §59287.

The owner of the lot shall have, in the case of a perishable commodity not to exceed 48 hours, and in the case of a nonperishable commodity not to exceed 72 hours, from the time of serving such notice of noncompliance for reconditioning or for the correction of the deficiencies which are noted in the notice of noncompliance. If such lot is reconditioned or the deficiencies are corrected the enforcing officer shall remove the warning tags or markings and release the lot for marketing or may, with the consent of the owner of such lot, divert the lot to other lawful uses or destroy it.

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