You are here: California / Food and Agricultural Code - FAC / ARTICLE 22. Inspection and Abatement [59281. - 59293.] / Section 59283.

Section 59283. (Enacted by Stats. 1967, Ch. 15.)
Cite as: Cal. Food & Agric. Code §59283.

Except as otherwise provided in this article, any authorized inspector, or other authorized person, in the discharge of his duties, if he has reason to believe that a lot of any commodity subject to a marketing order or marketing agreement which is issued pursuant to this chapter is not in compliance with the requirements of such marketing order or agreement, or of marketing regulations, or rules and regulations, which are issued pursuant to it, as to quality, condition, size, maturity, pack, labeling, or markings, may hold such lot for a reasonable period of time sufficient to enable such officer to ascertain by an authorized inspection whether such lot complies with such marketing requirements, but in any event not to exceed 24 hours in the case of perishables, or 72 hours in the case of nonperishables.

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