You are here: California / Food and Agricultural Code - FAC / ARTICLE 4. Regulations [52331. - 52333.] / Section 52332.

Section 52332. (Amended by Stats. 1997, Ch. 208, Sec. 1.)
Cite as: Cal. Food & Agric. Code §52332.

The secretary, by regulation, may adopt all of the following:

(a)A list of the plants and crops that the secretary finds are or may be grown in this state from agricultural or vegetable seed.

(b)A list of the plants and crops that the secretary finds are detrimental to agriculture if they occur incidentally in other crops, and which, therefore, are classed as weed seed except if sold alone or as a specific constituent of a definite seed mixture.

(c)A list of noxious weed seed that the secretary finds are prohibited noxious weed seed, as defined in this chapter.

(d)A list of those noxious weed seed that are not classified as prohibited noxious weed seed, and which, therefore, are classed by this chapter as restricted noxious weed seed.

(e)A list of substances that are likely to be used for treating grain or other crop seed, which the secretary finds and determines are toxic to human beings or animals if so used, together with an appropriate warning or caution statement for each such substance.

(f)Establish methods and procedures, upon the recommendation of the board, for the conciliation, mediation, or arbitration of disputes between labelers and any persons concerning conformance with label statements , advertisements, or other disputes regarding the quality or performance of seed. The methods and procedures shall be a mandatory prerequisite to pursuing other dispute resolution mechanisms, including, but not limited to, litigation. However, if conciliation, mediation, or arbitration proceedings are commenced under this section to resolve a controversy, the statute of limitations that applies to a civil action concerning that controversy is tolled upon commencement of conciliation, mediation, or arbitration proceedings, and until 30 days after the completion of those proceedings. As used in this subdivision, “completion of those proceedings” means the filing of a statement of agreement or nonagreement by the conciliator or mediator, or the rendering of a decision by an arbitrator or arbitration committee.

Conciliation, mediation, or arbitration shall not affect any enforcement action by the secretary pursuant to this chapter. Regulations adopted by the secretary for the mandatory conciliation, mediation, or arbitration of disputes shall require that adequate notice be provided on the seed label notifying any buyer of the requirement to submit a dispute to mandatory conciliation, mediation, or arbitration as a prerequisite to other dispute resolution mechanisms, including litigation.

(g) Establish additional labeling requirements for coated, pelleted, encapsulated, mat, tape, or any other germination medium or device used on agricultural or vegetable seed in order that the purchaser or consumer will be informed as to the actual amount of seed purchased.

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