You are here: California / Education Code - EDC / ARTICLE 7. Agricultural Career Technical Education [52450. - 52454.] / Section 52453.

Section 52453. (Amended by Stats. 2000, Ch. 1058, Sec. 84.)
Cite as: Cal. Educ. Code §52453.

(a)The State Director of Career Technical Education shall establish and convene an Agricultural Advisory Committee representative of the various and diverse areas of the agricultural industry in California.

(b)The committee shall be composed of the following:

(1)A representative from a university conducting teacher training in career technical agriculture.

(2)A representative from a community college conducting career technical education in agriculture.

(3)A representative from a high school conducting a program of career technical education in agriculture.

(4)A representative from a school conducting general education in agriculture.

(5)A parent of a pupil enrolled in career technical education in agriculture.

(6)Nine other individuals representing diverse agricultural interests from various geographic locations in the state.

The State Supervisor of Agricultural Education shall serve as the committee consultant.

(c)It shall be the purpose of this committee to advise, in an ongoing manner, the State Supervisor of Agricultural Education, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the State Board of Education on policy matters pertaining to the state program of agricultural career technical education. The advice of the committee shall include, but not be limited to, the development of a curriculum and a strategy for the purpose of establishing a source of trained and qualified individuals in agriculture, a strategy for articulating the state program in agricultural career technical education throughout the state school system, and a consumer education outreach strategy regarding the importance of agriculture in California.

(d)The committee shall serve without compensation, including travel and per diem and shall operate in accordance with the established policies of the State Department of Education.

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