You are here: California / Education Code - EDC / ARTICLE 5. Notice and Parental Excuse [51937. - 51939.] / Section 51937.

Section 51937. (Added by Stats. 2003, Ch. 650, Sec. 13.)
Cite as: Cal. Educ. Code §51937.

It is the intent of the Legislature to encourage pupils to communicate with their parents or guardians about human sexuality and HIV/AIDS and to respect the rights of parents or guardians to supervise their children’s education on these subjects. The Legislature intends to create a streamlined process to make it easier for parents and guardians to review materials and evaluation tools related to comprehensive sexual health education and HIV/AIDS prevention education, and, if they wish, to excuse their children from participation in all or part of that instruction or evaluation. The Legislature recognizes that while parents and guardians overwhelmingly support medically accurate, comprehensive sex education, parents and guardians have the ultimate responsibility for imparting values regarding human sexuality to their children.

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