You are here: California / Education Code - EDC / ARTICLE 1. General Provisions [47630. - 47632.5.] / Section 47630.

Section 47630. (Added by Stats. 1999, Ch. 78, Sec. 32.8.)
Cite as: Cal. Educ. Code §47630.

(a)It is the intent of the Legislature that each charter school be provided with operational funding that is equal to the total funding that would be available to a similar school district serving a similar pupil population, except that a charter school may not be funded as a necessary small school or a necessary small high school, nor receive revenue limit funding that exceeds the statewide average for a school district of a similar type.

(b)The Legislature finds and declares that the funding method established by this chapter provides for simple and, at the option of the charter school, local or direct allocation of funds to charter schools in a manner that is consistent with state and federal law.

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