You are here: California / Education Code - EDC / CHAPTER 3.5. Teacher Incentive Program of 1990 [44760. - 44763.] / Section 44761.

Section 44761. (Added by Stats. 1990, Ch. 1459, Sec. 2.)
Cite as: Cal. Educ. Code §44761.

The Legislature hereby finds and declares that various state and local agencies maintain data that is useful for determining the availability of teachers and other education professionals for service in elementary and secondary schools. The Legislature also finds that at the state level the available data has not been fully integrated and provided to a central reporting system capable of producing periodic reports of the supply and demand of teachers.

The Legislature further finds and declares that the educational resources of the state could be managed most effectively if data related to known or anticipated shortages of educational personnel were available on a timely basis.

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