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Section 316.5. (Added by Stats. 2006, Ch. 632, Sec. 2.)
Cite as: Cal. Educ. Code §316.5.

(a)The Legislature finds and declares all of the following:

(1)The more a parent or guardian is involved in the education of his or her child the better the child will perform in school.

(2)English language proficiency is critical to academic success.

(b)As a condition for receiving funding under Section 315.5 for the 2007–08 fiscal year, each school district shall develop a plan, to be approved by the governing board of the school district, certifying that it will do all of the following:

(1)Emphasize English language acquisition and tutoring skills for parents whose primary language is not English.

(2)Whenever possible, operate Community-Based English Tutoring (CBET) Programs at neighborhood schoolsites in order to provide full articulation between CBET Programs and instructional programs for school-aged English language learners.

(3)Describe in its plan how the program will encourage the following:

(A)Opportunities for parent-child tutoring activities.

(B)Opportunities for the parent to become involved at the school that his or her child attends.

(4)Describe how the program will document the following:

(A)Literacy training for adults that leads to English fluency and the ability to provide educational support for children.

(B)Development of tutoring skills.

(5)Describe the projected goals of the program with respect to participant educational achievement and the manner in which the agency will measure and report progress in meeting its goals.

(6)Describe the manner in which the program will leverage available funding from federal, state, and local sources in the area proposed to be served by the agency.

(7)Include a program to recruit parents of K–12 English language learners, especially parents of pupils enrolled in K–12 schools that are eligible to participate in the High Priority Schools Grant Program established under Article 3.5 (commencing with Section 52055.600) of Chapter 6.1 of Part 28.

(8)The plan shall demonstrate that the CBET Program meets the following objectives in order to ensure that adult students in the CBET Program provide the best possible tutoring to K–12 English language learners:

(A)The adult students participating in the CBET Program shall make measurable English language learning progress.

(B)The CBET Program shall be administered in accordance with research-based strategies for teaching English language learners.

(C)The data collected under Section 317 shall be used by CBET administrators and staff to inform curriculum, instruction, assessment, research, and in-service staff development.

(c)As a condition for receiving funding under Section 315.5 for the 2008–09 fiscal year and for each fiscal year thereafter, the governing board of the school district shall review, revise as necessary, and approve the plan. The plan shall be reviewed, and revised as necessary, not less than once every three years. During its review, the governing board shall consider the data collected under Section 317.

(d)For the purposes of this section, the term “parent” includes a parent, legal guardian, primary caregiver, or an individual in loco parentis.

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