You are here: California / Code of Civil Procedure - CCP / CHAPTER 2. The Time of Commencing Actions for the Recovery of Real Property [315. - 330.] / Section 325.

Section 325. (Amended by Code Amendments 1877-78, Ch. 590.)
Cite as: Cal. Civ. Proc. Code §325.

For the purpose of constituting an adverse possession by a person claiming title, not founded upon a written instrument, judgment, or decree, land is deemed to have been possessed and occupied in the following cases only:

First—Where it has been protected by a substantial inclosure.

Second—Where it has been usually cultivated or improved.

Provided, however, that in no case shall adverse possession be considered established under the provision of any section or sections of this Code, unless it shall be shown that the land has been occupied and claimed for the period of five years continuously, and the party or persons, their predecessors and grantors, have paid all the taxes, State, county, or municipal, which have been levied and assessed upon such land.

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