You are here: California / Business and Professions Code - BPC / CHAPTER 20. Professional Photocopiers [22450. - 22463.] / Section 22451.

Section 22451. (Added by Stats. 1984, Ch. 1005, Sec. 1.)
Cite as: Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §22451.

This chapter does not apply to any of the following:

(a)Any government employee who is acting in the course of his or her employment.

(b)A member of the State Bar or his or her employees, agents, or independent contractors.

(c)Any person who is specially appointed by the court to obtain or reproduce in order to transmit or distribute those records.

(d)An employee or agent of a person who is registered under this chapter.

(e)Any custodian of records who makes his or her own copies.

(f)Any certified shorthand reporter, official court reporter, or stenotype operator who makes his or her own copies.

(g)Any person licensed under Chapter 11.5 (commencing with Section 7512) of Division 3 of the Business and Professions Code or his or her employees.

(h)The Office of the Secretary of State.

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